Questions juridiques et thérapeutiques dans les prises en charge des situations de maltraitance infantile

Maïté Beague, Emmanuel de Becker, Grégory Mirzabekiantz

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The situations of ill-treatment question several aspects such as the facts and their materiality, the traumatic fallout so much in their dimensions intrapsychic as relational and contextual, the frame of intervention and its limits. It turns out from then on essential to think of the intervention on several axes so much every situation shows itself complex with personal, family, social elements. In a first part, we propose a synthesis of the international and European legal texts governing the infantile ill-treatment, with regard to children rights, to estimate the respect for the latter by our interventions. Then, we discuss multiple stakes in therapeutic nature during the evaluation. At the heart of a complex practice, connected with the concepts of intuition and discernment, the subjectivity enriches the clinical experience, participating in the process of evaluation. Our working tool supports on a “beam balance” which looks for a balance with the subjective and objective materials with regard to the right and to the legislation. Every situation is individually estimated, on base of an important theoretical luggage, on a solid clinical device and on a just taking into consideration so many subjective elements as those who appear in a objective way.

Titre traduit de la contributionLegal and therapeutic questions when taking charge of situations of childhood ill-treatment
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 20 mars 2018

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