Knowledge Intensive Business Services and Regional Competitiveness

João J. M. Ferreira (Editeur Scientifique), Mário L. Raposo (Editeur Scientifique), Cristina I. Fernandes (Editeur Scientifique), Marcus Dejardin (Editeur Scientifique)

Résultats de recherche: Livre/Rapport/RevueLivre


Research interest in the service sector has boomed in recent years as deindustrialisation became entrenched. Instead of being regarded as merely supplementary to traditional industry and manufacturing, services have generated progressively rising levels of growth in developed economies while at the same time coming to be recognised as major drivers of innovation.
Among the factors which have helped service companies notch up swifter growth rates than all other sectors are the outsourcing of such services by other sectors, including the development of information and communication technologies, and changes to the regulatory, legal and market frameworks as well as globalisation and internationalisation. The result is a cluster of highly innovative firms which can loosely be grouped under the heading of Knowledge Intensive Business Services (KIBS). Knowledge Intensive Business Services and Regional Competitiveness charts the development of these firms and explores their success through four mutually linked parts: KIBS and industrial dynamics; KIBS and their context; KIBS and their contribution to regional competitiveness and economic development; and finally, KIBS and public policy.
langue originaleAnglais
Nombre de pages346
ISBN (imprimé)9781138859364
Etat de la publicationAccepté/sous presse - 2016

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