Impact of channel doping on Schottky barrier height and investigation on p-SB MOSFETs performance

G. Larrieu, E. Dubois, D. Yarekha, N. Breil, N. Reckinger, X. Tang, J. Ratajczak, A. Laszcz

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This paper proposes to study the impact of a moderate variation of the channel doping level on the electrical performance of p-type Schottky-barrier (SB) MOSFETs. First, it has been found that a moderate increase of the acceptors doping level leads to a reduction of the Schottky-barrier height (SBH) but does not affect the silicide reaction. In the case of PtSi, the SBH on p-type silicon at 5 × 10 cm is 0.15 eV whereas an increase of the doping level by two decades decreases the barrier by 60 meV. The integration of PtSi MOSFETs on moderately doped channel (5 × 10 cm) was successfully achieved, demonstrating an overall 60% improvement in current drive at L = 100 nm. This enhanced performance is attributed to the barrier height reduction related to the beneficial band bending induced by p-type dopants. The considered doping levels are still in a sufficiently low range not to affect the carrier mobility in the channel. A complete study, including comparison of I, I, immunity against short channel effects (Swing and DIBL), is presented. © 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
langue originaleAnglais
titreMaterials science and engineering B
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 5 déc. 2008

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Larrieu, G., Dubois, E., Yarekha, D., Breil, N., Reckinger, N., Tang, X., Ratajczak, J., & Laszcz, A. (2008). Impact of channel doping on Schottky barrier height and investigation on p-SB MOSFETs performance. Dans Materials science and engineering B (Vol 154-155, p. 159-162)