Immune status and immunomodulation in percid fish

Robert Mandiki, J. Douxfils, C. Mathieu, Sylvain Milla, E. Henrotte, H Jansen, P. Kestemont

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Knowledge of the adaptability of the immune system is an important issue that can enable a better management of environmental conditions for increasing fi sh performances and welfare. Unfortunately, the immune defence of percid fi sh has not yet been characterized, but they should be able to accomplish innate and adaptive immunity as other fi shes. Indeed, the available information about molecular characterization of some immune genes of percid fi sh showed similar features as that of other teleost. But some specifi c pathways were identifi ed; and it could be interesting to precise their implication for the immune competence. It seems also likely that percid fi sh are able to adapt their immunocompetence to the seasonal changes in environmental conditions, or to respond positively to some immunomodulatory compounds as other fi sh species, but more studies are still needed to highlight the specifi c immune pathways of the relative responses.

langue originaleAnglais
titreBiology and Culture of Percid Fishes: Principles and Practices
EditeurSpringer Netherlands
Nombre de pages37
ISBN (Electronique)9789401772273
ISBN (imprimé)9789401772266
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 1 janv. 2015

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