Having students create short video clips to help transition from naïve conceptions about mechanics to true Newtonian physics

Pascale Corten-Gualtieri, Christian Ritter, Jim Plumat, Roland Keunings, Marcel Lebrun, Benoit Raucent

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Most students enter their first university physics course with a system of beliefs and intuitions which are often inconsistent with the Newtonian frame of reference. This article presents an experiment of collaborative learning aiming at helping first-year students in an engineering programme to transition from their naïve intuition about dynamics to the Newtonian way of thinking. In a first activity, students were asked to critically analyse the contents of two video clips from the point of view of Newtonian mechanics. In a second activity, students had to design and realise their own video clip to illustrate a given aspect of Newtonian mechanics. The preparation of the scenario for the second activity required looking up and assimilating scientific knowledge. The efficiency of the activity was assessed on an enhanced version of the statistical analysis method proposed by Hestenes and Halloun, which relies on a pre-test and a post-test to measure individual learning.

langue originaleAnglais
Pages (de - à)438-454
Nombre de pages17
journalEuropean Journal of Engineering Education
Numéro de publication4
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étatPublié - 3 juil. 2016

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