Hand-Arm Bimanual Intensive Therapy Including Lower Extremities (HABIT-ILE) in adults with chronic stroke: Protocol of a randomised controlled trial

Daniela Ebner-Karestinos, Estelle Gathy, Astrid Carton De Tournai, Enimie Herman, Rodrigo Araneda, Laurence Dricot, Benoît Macq, Yves Vandermeeren, Yannick Bleyenheuft

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Introduction Stroke causes multiple deficits including motor, sensitive and cognitive impairments, affecting also individual's social participation and independence in activities of daily living (ADL) impacting their quality of life. It has been widely recommended to use goal-oriented interventions with a high amount of task-specific repetitions. These interventions are generally focused only on the upper or lower extremities separately, despite the impairments are observed at the whole-body level and ADL are both frequently bimanual and may require moving around. This highlights the need for interventions targeting both upper and lower extremities. This protocol presents the first adaptation of Hand-Arm Bimanual Intensive Therapy Including Lower Extremities (HABIT-ILE) for adults with acquired hemiparesis. Methods and analysis This randomised controlled trial will include 48 adults with chronic stroke, aged ≥40 years. This study will compare the effect of 50 hours of HABIT-ILE against usual motor activity and regular rehabilitation. HABIT-ILE will be provided in a 2-week, adult's day-camp setting, promoting functional tasks and structured activities. These tasks will continuously progress by increasing their difficulty. Assessed at baseline, 3 weeks after and at 3 months, the primary outcome will be the adults-assisting-hand-assessment stroke; secondary outcomes include behavioural assessments for hand strength and dexterity, a motor learning robotic medical device for quality of bimanual motor control, walking endurance, questionnaires of ADL, stroke impact on participation and self-determined patient-relevant goals, besides neuroimaging measures. Ethics and dissemination This study has full ethical approval from the Comité d'éthique Hospitalo-Facultaire/Université catholique de Louvain, Brussels (reference number: 2013/01MAR/069) and the local medical Ethical Committee of the CHU UCL Namur-site Godinne. Recommendations of the ethical board and the Belgian law of 7 May 2004, concerning human experiments will be followed. Participants will sign a written informed consent ahead of participation. Findings will be published in peer-reviewed journals and conference presentations. Trial registration number NCT04664673.

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journalBMJ Open
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 13 avr. 2023
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