Fragments from older reliquaries reset in new ones, memorial or practical act ?

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“Fragments from older reliquaries reset in new ones: memorial or practical act?”
is the title of the paper by Hélène Cambier (University of Namur). Considering
a replacement of reliquaries, Cambier asks if, in one way or another, ‘souvenirs’ of the ancient reliquaries, first containers of prestigious saints or founders relics, were preserved. The response is different from one case to another: sometimes a part of the older reliquary has been integrated into a new one or has been kept separate with a new function. Some examples clearly show that workshops had old pieces in reserve, like enamels and engraved plaques, that could be used as ‘spare pieces’ if necessary. Other pieces were kept merely for their beauty. But in some cases it can be argued that fragments were reintegrated in an object as memorial material, in order to remind the viewer of the previous reliquary.
langue originaleAnglais
titreObjects of memory. Memory of Objects. The atworks as a vehicle of the past in the Middle Ages
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