Ethernet-based mobility architecture for 5G

A. F. Cattoni, P. E. Mogensen, S. Vesterinen, M. Laitila, L. Schumacher, P. Ameigeiras, J. J. Ramos-Munoz

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A massive traffic increase is foreseen in the near future in mobile networks. Such data storm is expected to pose new challenging requirements to the existing mobile network architecture, since the traffic will be generated by a wide set of applications running on an increasingly high number of mobile devices and sensors. In this paper we propose a paradigm shift for the Evolved Packet Core for the future 5G system. By leveraging on the economy of scale of software-based ICT technologies, namely Software Defined Networking and cloud computing, we propose a hierarchically cloudified mobile network. In particular, in this paper we focus on the mobility aspects within such new architecture, proposing low latency Layer 2 solutions for the Access Network, while exploiting aggregating Layer 3 mobility functionalities in the regional and national clouds.

langue originaleAnglais
titre2014 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Cloud Networking, CloudNet 2014
EditeurInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Nombre de pages6
ISBN (imprimé)9781479927302
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 26 nov. 2014
Evénement2014 3rd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking, CloudNet 2014 - Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Durée: 8 oct. 201410 oct. 2014

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Une conférence2014 3rd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Networking, CloudNet 2014
La villeLuxembourg

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