Enabling formal analysis of energy-aware automotive embedded systems in EAST-ADL

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Energy-Aware Real-Time (ERT) systems are increasingly complex and have pervaded various areas, from automotive to telecommunication systems. EAST-ADL, an automotive specific architectural description language dedicated to safety-critical embedded control systems, has been proposed to harness this complexity. However, the current concept of EAST-ADL provides limited support for modeling and analysis of ERT behaviors due to the absence of energy constraints modeling notations and the lack of formal semantics. In this paper, we tackle that shortcoming by extending EAST-ADL notation with energy constraints and integrating the extension with formal analysis techniques based on the ERT constraints. A mapping strategy is proposed to facilitate the guarantee of integration. Furthermore, we develop a procedure that transforms the EAST-ADL prototype model to the UPPAAL model for model checking. The analysis techniques including the mapping strategy are validated and demonstrated on the Brake-By-Wire case study.
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titreSimulation Series
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 1 janv. 2013

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