Effect on lysosomes of invertase endocytosed by rat-liver

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1. The intracellular localization of invertase endocytosed by rat liver was investigated by analytical centrifugation in sucrose and Percoll gradients of mitochondrial fractions originating from rats killed 15 h after injection. 2. After isopycnic centrifugation in a sucrose gradient, invertase is located in higher density zones than acid hydrolases. The difference between the distribution of invertase and that of acid hydrolases increases with the amount of invertase injected. When the invertase dose is sufficiently high, a change of lysosomal enzyme distribution is clearly visible. It consists in the shift of a proportion of these enzymes to higher density regions where invertase is located. The proportion of hydrolase activity affected by invertase is different for each enzyme measured; it is the least pronounced for acid phosphatase, and most for acid deoxyribonuclease and arylsulfatase. 3. A pretreatment of the rat with Triton WR 1339 considerably decreases the equilibrium density of structures bearing invertase. Nevertheless invertase distribution is quite distinct from that of the bulk of lysosomal enzymes that are recovered in lower density zones of the gradient; on the other hand the invertase injection to rats treated with Triton WR 1339 causes a spreading of the acid hydrolase distribution towards higher density zones. 4. The distribution of acid hydrolases and invertase in a Percoll gradient depends on the sucrose concentration of the solvent. It is shifted towards higher densities when the sucrose concentration increases. The phenomenon is more important for invertase. 5. These results are best explained by supposing that invertase accumulates in a distinct population of lysosomes that can be individualized as a result of the density increase they are subjected to by the invertase they accumulate. It is proposed that these lysosomes mainly originate from non-parenchymal cells of the liver.

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journalEuropean Journal of Biochemistry
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 1 déc. 1985

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