Determining proteome-wide expression levels using reverse protein arrays in fission yeast

Fanelie Bauer, Akihisa Matsuyama, Minoru Yoshida, Damien Hermand

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Global protein expression profiling of various mutants or growth conditions is currently a major challenge in biology. Here we provide a protocol for a strategy that we recently developed that couples ORFeome-based (ORF denotes open reading frame) expression to reverse protein arrays; this approach accurately quantifies more than 99% of the predicted fission yeast proteins in various genetic backgrounds. The first stage of this two-stage protocol requires mass mating between any fertile fission yeast mutant of interest and the integrated fission yeast-tagged ORFeome followed by selection of recombinant haploids. The second stage of the protocol, called reverse protein arrays, involves simple large-scale extraction of total proteins, which are then spotted on nitrocellulose membranes for detection by quantitative dot blot. When handled manually, the entire protocol takes about 2 months. However, the process could easily be automated and should also be applicable to other organisms.
langue originaleAnglais
Pages (de - à)1830-5
Nombre de pages6
journalNature Protocols
Numéro de publication10
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 2012

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