Complex event processing for user-centric management of IoT systems

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The amount of available connectible devices and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions is increasing as such equipments are becoming popular and widely available on the market. This growth in popularity goes together with a keen interest for smart homes where individuals deploy ad hoc solutions in their houses. However, the task to translate the users’ needs into a concrete IoT infrastructure is not straightforward and often require to deal with proprietary APIs, complex interconnection protocols, and various technical details, so that the link to user requirements may be lost, hampering the validity of their interaction properties. In order to define and manipulate devices deployed in domestic environments, we propose IoTDSL, a Domain-Specific Language relying on a high-level rule-based language. Users in charge of the deployment of IoT infrastructures are able to describe and combine in a declarative manner structural configurations as well as event-based semantics for devices. Modellers are then freed from technical aspects, playing with high-level representations of devices. The events orchestration is transferred to a dedicated component where high-level rules are automatically translated into a Complex Event Processing (Cep) facility meant to evaluate and trigger runtime events. Additionally, simulation code can be generated to play with user-defined configurations.

langue originaleAnglais
titreModel-Driven Engineering and Software Development - 5th International Conference, MODELSWARD 2017, Revised Selected Papers
rédacteurs en chefBran Selic, Luis Ferreira Pires, Slimane Hammoudi
EditeurSpringer Verlag
Nombre de pages23
ISBN (imprimé)9783319947631
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 2018
Evénement5th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development, MODELSWARD 2017 - Porto, Portugal
Durée: 19 févr. 201721 févr. 2017

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NomCommunications in Computer and Information Science
ISSN (imprimé)1865-0929

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Une conférence5th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development, MODELSWARD 2017
La villePorto

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