Cloud-based platform for computer vision applications

Sidi Ahmed Mahmoudi, Mohammed El Adoui, Mohammed Amin Belarbi, Mohammed Amine Larhmam, Fabian Lecron

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During last years, images and videos have become widely used in many daily applications. Indeed, they can come from cameras, smartphones, social networks of from medical devices. Generally, these images and videos are used for illustrating people or objects (cars, trains, planes, etc.) in many situations such as airports, train stations, public areas, sport events, hospitals, etc. Thus, image and video processing algorithms have got increasing importance, they are required from various computer visions applications such as motion tracking, real time event detection, database (images and videos) indexation and medical computer aided diagnosis methods.In this paper, we propose a cloud platform that integrates the above-mentioned methods, which are generally developed with popular open source image and video processing libraries (OpenCV1, OpenGL2, ITK3, VTK4, etc.). Theses modules are automatically integrated and configured in the cloud application. Thus, the platform users will have access to different computer vision techniques without the need to download, install and configure the corresponding software. Each guest can select the required application, load its data and get the output results in a safe and simple way. The cloud platform can handle the variety of Operating Systems and programming languages (C++, Java, Python, etc.). Experimentations were conducted within two kinds of applications. The first represents medical methods such as image segmentation in MR images, 3D image reconstruction from 2D radiographs, left ventricle segmentation and tracking from 2D echocardiography. The second kind of applications is related to video processing such as face, people and cars tracking, and abnormal event detection in crowd videos.

langue originaleAnglais
titre2017 International Conference on Smart Digital Environment, ICSDE 2017 - Proceedings
rédacteurs en chefDriss Benhaddou, Ahmed Habbani, Ala Al-Fuqahaa, Faissal El Bouanani
EditeurACM Press
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ISBN (Electronique)9781450352819
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 21 juil. 2017
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Evénement2017 International Conference on Smart Digital Environment, ICSDE 2017 - Rabat, Maroc
Durée: 21 juil. 201723 juil. 2017

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Une conférence2017 International Conference on Smart Digital Environment, ICSDE 2017
La villeRabat

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