BFO, a trainable derivative-free Brute Force Optimizer for nonlinear bound-constrained optimization and equilibrium computations with continuous and discrete variables

Margherita Porcelli, Philippe Toint

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A direct-search derivative-free Matlab optimizer for bound-constrained problems is described, whose remarkable features are its ability to handle a mix of continuous and discrete variables, a versatile interface as well as a novel self-training option. Its performance compares favorably with that of NOMAD (Nonsmooth Optimization by Mesh Adaptive Direct Search), a well-known derivative-free optimization package. It is also applicable to multilevel equilibrium- or constrained-type problems. Its easy-to-use interface provides a number of user-oriented features, such as checkpointing and restart, variable scaling, and early termination tools.

langue originaleAnglais
Numéro d'article6
Nombre de pages28
journalTransactions of the American Methematical Society on Mathematical Software
Numéro de publication1
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 30 juin 2017

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