Analyse des modes d'exploitation des ressources halieutiques du Lac Mai-Ndombe en République Démocratique du Congo

Francine Luhusu Kutshukina, Jean Claude Micha

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The analysis of the means of exploitation of fisheries resources from the Lake Mai-Ndombe lies within the scope of their management in order to guarantee the conservation and sustainable use of these ones. This study was carried out in Kolobeke, in the Territory of Inongo, District of Mai-Ndombe, Province of Bandundu, Congo DR. It resorted to the documentary, interview, observation and focus-group techniques. The analysis of the data showed that most of fishing techniques used and a great deal of craft fishermen terribly threaten the resources of Mai-Ndombe and reduce its potentialities because of the non selective and the illegal character of the fishing tools. Consequently, certain fish species are dying out like Hydrocynus goliath Boulenger, 1898, Ditichodus lusosso Schilthus, 1891, Schilbe grenfelli Boulenger 1900. Thus, at first one suggests a better identification of the lake resources and their sustainable level exploitation and a growing awareness of the local population to the need for safeguarding the resources of this watery ecosystem. Then, it's important to carry on alternative activities such as agriculture, breeding, fish-breeding and involve the concerned people in the joint management of the lake resources. In addition, it's necessary that the authorities and actors working in this sector contribute to the reinforcement of capacity of the local populations in order to manage the aforesaid ecosystem watery.

Titre traduit de la contributionAnalysis of exploitation means of Lake Mai-Ndombe fisheries resources in Congo Democratic Republic
langue originaleFrançais
Pages (de - à)273-284
Nombre de pages12
Numéro de publication2
Etat de la publicationPublié - 1 janv. 2013

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