An Alternative Semantics for Timed Automata with Independent Clocks

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With the rapid growth of distributed computing and networking, the demand for large scale, complex distributed applications is increasing significantly. Distributed Real-Time Applications (DRTA) are used to control and monitor a wide variety of distributed real-time systems, including aerospace, robotics, and nuclear power plants. DRTA often operate on heterogeneous computer networks with multiple interconnected components, each equipped with its own local independent clock. These independent clocks have their own rate behavior without synchronization. Timed Automata (TA) with independent clocks can be used to model DRTA with independent clocks. However, it is important to recognize that in certain scenarios there may be indirect interactions or dependencies between independent clocks. This may be the case in larger systems where different components or subsystems interact or depend on each other for timing information. In this talk, we will propose a derivative-based alternative semantics for TA with independent clocks. This approach has been implemented in a tool called MIMETIC. We will also talk about the problem of
bisimulation with our alternative semantics for TA with independent clocks.
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 18 sept. 2023
EvénementRecent Advances in Concurrency and Logic (RADICAL 2023) - Antwerp (Belgium), September 18, 2023, Antwerp, Belgique
Durée: 18 sept. 202318 sept. 2023

Atelier de travail

Atelier de travailRecent Advances in Concurrency and Logic (RADICAL 2023)
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