Adding Reputation Extensions to AODV-UU

Laurent Guillaume, Julien Van de Sype, Laurent Schumacher, Giovanni Di Stasi, Roberto Canonico

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To tackle an inherent security weakness of wireless procedure onto the routing protocol Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector routing (AODV). This procedure relies on the overal cooperation of nodes taking part to the Wireless Mesh Network. Each node associates a reputation value to its neighbours, which reflects the trust it puts in them. Based on that reputation value, the hop count is increased or decreased, depending whether the intermediate node is trusted or not. This mechanism enables to select the most trustworthy paths in the mesh. We present preliminary experimental results obtained with our implementation.
langue originaleAnglais
journalProceedings of the 17th Annual Symposium of the IEEE/CVT Benelux Chapter SCVT 2010
Etat de la publicationPublié - 2010

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