A Complexity Tale: Web Configurators

Gilles Perrouin, Mathieu Acher, Jean-Marc Davril, Axel Legay, Patrick Heymans

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Online configurators are basically everywhere. From physical goods (cars, clothes) to services (cloud solutions, insurances, etc.) such configurators have pervaded many areas of everyday life, in order to provide the customers products tailored to their needs. Being sometimes the only interfaces between product suppliers and consumers, much care has been devoted to the HCI aspects of configurators, aiming at offering an enjoyable buying experience. However, at the backend, the management of numerous and complex configuration options results from ad-hoc process rather than a systematic variability-aware engineering approach. We present our experience in analysing web configurators and formalising configuration options in terms of feature models or product configuration matrices. We also consider behavioural issues and perspectives on their architectural design.
langue originaleAnglais
titreIEEE/ACM 1st International Workshop on Variability and Complexity in Software Design (VACE)
Lieu de publicationAustin
EditeurACM Press
ISBN (Electronique)978-1-4503-4176-9
ISBN (imprimé)978-1-5090-2240-3
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 2016
Evénement38th International Conference on Software Engineering - Austin, États-Unis
Durée: 14 mai 201622 mai 2016

Une conférence

Une conférence38th International Conference on Software Engineering
La villeAustin

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