1871 raisons d'y croire: Logiques et imaginaire des Gilets jaunes

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The Gilets jaunes movement that emerged in the fall of 2018 gave new life to the memory of the Commune: claiming its heritage on discursive and imaginary fronts while nevertheless failing to adopt all of its modes of operation. Revisiting specific aspects of this “Commune of roundabouts,” this article considers the discourses and imaginaries of the Gilets jaunes with regard to their “wild” writings (banners, signs, tags and customized vests). Such examples allow us to measure the movement's specificities, the collective ethos that it develops, its relationship to history and to the revolutionary tradition, its use of laughter in response to those in power, and, ultimately, its endurance. (In French).

Titre traduit de la contribution1871 reasons to believe: Logic and imaginary of the Gilets jaunes
langue originaleFrançais
Pages (de - à)374-395
Nombre de pages22
journalNineteenth Century French Studies
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Etat de la publicationPublié - 15 mars 2021

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