Éthique des maladies infectieuses et responsabilité sanitaire

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Under the macabre impetus of the COVID-19 epidemic, infectious diseases now occupy an essential place in the world of health and raise many ethical questions. This was not always the case and some were tempted to believe that these health scourges were a thing of the past. The infectious diseases that concern us so much today have specificities both medically and ethically. Their sometimes very acute nature, their contagiousness, the high number of people they can strike or even kill, the problematic of their treatment and the injustices suffered by the most vulnerable populations, constitute the very basis of an ethics of infectious diseases. One of these specificities is contagiousness. Infected people should of course be granted respect for their fundamental freedoms, but that does not mean losing sight of the moral responsibilities of each of us towards those we may infect. Therefore, the heart of ethical reflection can no longer be respect and promotion of the individual autonomy of patients, but rather relational autonomy structured by health responsibility.
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journalJournal de Médecine Légale, Droit Médical, Victimologie, Dommage Corporel
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