Etude des propriétés vibrationnelles des défauts dans les nanotubes de carbone

  • Lambin, Philippe (Responsable du Projet)
  • Schievekamp, Isabelle (Secrétaire)
  • VANDESCUREN, Matthieu (Chercheur)

Projet: Projet de thèse

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Carbon nanotubes are usually apprehended as being perfect, seamless rolled-up sheets of graphene. However, they have defects, which influence their mechanical, electronic and chemical properties. Direct imaging of defects in carbon nanotubes is very difficult, even with STM because the electronic perturbation brought about by any defect extends far away from it, inducing a loss of atomic resolution that prevents identification. The defect perturbation might be more localized from the point of view of the atomic vibrational amplitudes. It turns out that, under suitable conditions, these amplitudes may be probed locally by inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy (IETS).
The Ph.D. work aims at defining the frequency fingerprints of a series of defects in single-wall carbon nanotubes, to see how they are localized around the defect and how they could be observed by IETS experiment. The defects under investigation are Stone-Wales defects, substitutional impurities, vacancies and di-vacancies.
Les dates de début/date réelle1/10/0530/09/09


  • phonons
  • défauts
  • defauts
  • graphene
  • nanotube
  • graphène
  • carbone

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