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Truly complex, designed systems, known as Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), are emerging that integrate physical, software, and network aspects. To date, no unifying theory nor systematic design methods, techniques and tools exist for such systems. Individual (mechanical, electrical, network or software) engineering disciplines only offer partial solutions. Multi-paradigm Modelling (MPM) proposes to model every part and aspect of a system explicitly, at the most appropriate level(s) of abstraction, using the most appropriate modelling formalism(s). Modelling languages engineering, including model transformation, and the study of their semantics, are used to realize MPM. MPM is seen as an effective answer to the challenges of designing CPS. We aim to promote the sharing of foundations, techniques, and tools and to provide educational resources, to both academia and industry. This will be achieved by bringing together and disseminating knowledge and experiments on CPS problems and MPM solutions.
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Formal analysis of object-oriented mograms

Amrani, M. & Schobbens, P. Y., 18 juin 2017, Proceedings of the 19th Workshop on Formal Techniques for Java-Like Programs, FTfJP 2017 - Co-located with ECOOP 2017. ACM Press, p. 1-6 6 p.

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  • Real-time model-driven engineering: An overview

    Amrani, M. & Schobbens, P. Y., 2016, Dans : CEUR Workshop Proceedings. 1693, p. 18-27 10 p.

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