Olivier Toussaint

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MARK-AGE Consortium. “Method for the determination of biological age in human beings”

Toussaint, O., 31 mars 2013, Brevet n ° EP 13 001 450.9-1404

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Biomarkers of ageing

Toussaint, O. & Martens, De Saint Hubert, Vo, Morrhaye, 21 juil. 2011, Brevet n ° WO 2011/086161 A2

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Method and apparatus for examining effect of transfection of SIRNA into cell by analyzing plurality of gene expressions on micro-array

Remacle, Longueville; Zammatteo, Toussaint, Van Huffel (Eppendorf Ag), juil. 2006, Brevet n ° patent abstracts of Japan

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Method and array for determination of RNAi cell transfection effects by multiple gene expression analysis on micro-arrays.

Remacle, de Longueville, Zammatteo, Toussaint, van Huffel (EPPENDORF AG), mai 2006, Brevet n ° EUROPEAN PATENT APPLICATION

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Determination of a general three-dimensional status of a cell by multiple gene expression analysis on micro-arrays.

Remacle, Longueville, Zammatteo, Toussaint & VanHuffel, 29 janv. 2004, Brevet n ° EAG US20040229225A1, EP1477571A1

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