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Decision Support Systems VIII: Sustainable Data-Driven and Evidence-Based Decision Support

Dargam, F. (Ed.), Delias, P. (Ed.), Linden, I. (Ed.) & Mareschal, B. (Ed.), 2018, Springer Verlag. 190 p. (Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing; Vol 313)

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decision support system

Proceedings of the 4th ICDSST - EWG-DSS Conference on Decision Support Systems Technology & Promethee Days 2018: Sustainable Data-Driven, Evidence-based Decision Support. Applicaions to Environment and Energy Sector

Papathanasiou, J., Digkoglou, P. (Ed.), Tsaples, G. (Ed.), Dargam, F. (Ed.), Linden, I. (Ed.) & Mareschal, B. (Ed.), 2018

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Decision Support Systems VII: Data, Information and Knowledge Visualization in Decision Support Systems

Linden, I. (Ed.), Liu, S. (Ed.) & Colot, C. (Ed.), 2017, Springer Verlag. (Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing; Vol 282)

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Decision Support Systems IV - Information and Knowledge Management in Decision Processes: Euro Working Group Conferences, EWG-DSS 2014 Toulouse, France, June 10-13, 2014 and Barcelona, Spain, July 13-18, 2014 Revised Selected and Extended Papers

Linden, I. (Ed.), Liu, S. (Ed.), Dargam, F. (Ed.) & Hernández, J. E. (Ed.), 2015, Springer Verlag. 101 p. (Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing; Vol 221)

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Information Management
Knowledge Management
Knowledge management
Decision Support Systems
Decision support systems

Decision Support Systems V: Big Data Analytics for Decision Making: First International Conference, ICDSST 2015, Belgrade, Serbia, May 27-29, 2015, Proceedings

Delibasic, B. (Ed.), Hernández, J. E. (Ed.), Papathanasiou, J. (Ed.), Dargam, F. (Ed.), Zaraté, P. (Ed.), Ribeiro, R. (Ed.), Liu, S. (Ed.) & Linden, I. (Ed.), 2015, Springer. 111 p. (Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing; Vol 216)

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Decision support systems
Decision making
Decision theory
Knowledge management
Big data
language theory
programming language

Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages

Jacquet, J-M. (Ed.) & Picco, G. P. (Ed.), 2005, Springer Verlag. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; Vol 3454)

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Conclog: a Methodological Approach to Concurrent Logic Programming

Jacquet, J-M., 1991, Springer Verlag. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; Vol 556)

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