The classical origin of modern mathematics

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Abstract This paper introduces a data-driven methodology to study the historical evolution of mathematical thinking and its spatial spreading. To do so, we have collected and integrated data from different online academic datasets. In its final form, the database includes a large number ( N â ź 200 K $N\sim200\mbox{K}$ ) of advisor-student relationships, with affiliations and keywords on their research topic, over several centuries, from the 14th century until today. We focus on two different issues, the evolving importance of countries and of the research disciplines over time. Moreover we study the database at three levels, its global statistics, the mesoscale networks connecting countries and disciplines, and the genealogical level.
Date mise à disposition1 janv. 2016

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Auguste, C. (Contributeur), Gargiulo, F. (Contributeur), Lambiotte, R. (Contributeur), Carletti, T. (Contributeur) (1 janv. 2016). The classical origin of modern mathematics. Figshare. 10.6084/m9.figshare.c.3697318.v1