Data and results for manuscript "Imaging groundwater infiltration dynamics in karst vadose zone with long-term ERT monitoring"

  • Arnaud Watlet (Créateur)
  • Olivier Kaufmann (Créateur)
  • Antoine Triantafyllou (Créateur)
  • Amael Poulain (Contributeur)
  • Jonathan E. Chambers (Créateur)
  • Philip I. Meldrum (Créateur)
  • Paul B. Wilkinson (Créateur)
  • Vincent Hallet (Contributeur)
  • Yves Quinif (Créateur)
  • Michel Van Ruymbeke (Créateur)
  • Michel Van Camp (Créateur)

Ensemble de données


This data set contains raw and inverted data from an Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) monitoring experiment conducted over a period of three years at the Rochefort Cave Laboratory (RCL) site in South Belgium. It highlights variable hydrodynamics in the karst vadose zone of Lorette Cave. More conventional hydrological measurements (drip discharge monitoring, soil moisture and water conductivity data sets) are also included in the package, which aims at provide a thorough understanding of the groundwater infiltration. Seasonal changes affect all the imaged areas leading to increases in resistivity in spring/summer attributed to enhanced evapotranspiration, whereas winter is characterised by a general decrease in resistivity associated with a groundwater recharge of the vadose zone. This study provides detailed images of the sources of drip discharge spots traditionally monitored in caves and aims to support modelling approaches of karst hydrological processes.
Date mise à disposition1 mars 2018
EditeurUniversity of Namur

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