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The doctorate is still accessible long after your studies.

Yes, not all PhD students graduate from a master's degree.

There are individuals crazy enough to undertake a thesis after spending a lot of time on a permanent contract.

So, who are these people?

Why would you want to embark on a PhD when you are already far from your studies?

How difficult is it to get one in this context?

How do you balance your professional and personal life in this case?

You'll find the answers to all these questions by listening to the latest episode of Thèse ? Antithèse ? Synthèse ! with:

Inès Zaid: A Senior Architect who decided to pursue a PhD in Architectural Sciences at Delft University of Technology after 10 years on a permanent contract.

Arnaud Bougaham: A Data Science engineer who decided to embark on a PhD funded by his company after 12 years on a permanent contract.

Christine Vallin: A PhD student in Sociology at the University of Lille who worked in many professions in the public sector for 33 years before embarking on a PhD.

Jihane CHAARI: A PhD in Management Sciences who had started her thesis in her company after 12 years on a permanent contract.

As a bonus, this is a very special episode for me.

Very special since all these guests are loyal listeners of the podcast.

I've never done this before and I thought it was very cool, I would do it again!

If you are on a permanent contract and you are hesitating to embark on a thesis, go and listen to this episode.

If you are a student who wants to reassure yourself about the interest of a thesis for your career, go and listen to it too!

période31 mars 2024

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Contributions médiatiques

  • titreThèse ? Antithèse ? Synthèse !
    Durée / Longueur / Format1:44:36
    la date31/03/24
    DescriptionUne part significative de français se pose des questions sur la poursuite en doctorat scientifique. Parmi eux, certains ne trouvent pas leurs réponses, d'autres n'osent tout simplement pas poser leurs questions et encore d'autres ne se posent pas les bonnes questions à temps. Pourtant, se renseigner correctement est primordiale avant de faire un choix qui nous engage pendant (au moins) 3 ans.

    Ce podcast a précisément vocation à aider toutes ces personnes dans ce choix important de la vie via des discussions avec des personnalités du monde de la recherche.
    Producteur / AuteurSpotify/Rony Abecidan
    PersonnesArnaud BOUGAHAM