Towards Contextualizing Agile Processes Decision Making

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The very name of Agile suggests software development flexibility: practices, deliverables, activities and any other process aspect should be properly adjusted to meet the specific situation. In this way, an increasing number of practitioners supports Agile process customization and have conducted successful experiences. However, even though the idea is well established, Agile practitioners (process engineers, teams, managers, facilitators) considerably lack guidance approaches and decision making tools to support customization efforts.
The paper investigates a rule-based approach for customizing Agile methods driven by the context: starting from the identification of context attributes, the approach helps to adapt Agile processes using adequate transformation rules.
Périodemai 2015
Titre de l'événementICSE'15, RCOSE Workshop: International Conference of Software Engineering
Type d'événementComité scientifique
Numéro de conférence37th
LieuFlorence, Italie