Seminar "Intercultural communication"

Activité: Participation ou organisation d'un événementParticipation à un atelier/workshop, un séminaire, un cours


One PhD student out of three comes from another country, and several Belgian PhD students will themselves go abroad later. You see your colleagues from other cultures in meetings and over coffee, you say hello and goodbye. It’s sometimes not easy to get beyond superficial conversation. You don’t want to talk about differences too much, because of course you are tolerant towards other cultures or grateful towards your guest country.
In this course we explore how we can get to know our foreign colleagues a bit better and learn from each other. The key is that you always meet a person, not a culture. People are individuals and not representatives of their culture.
We look at intercultural dimensions, test our ability to adapt to different communication styles and discuss your own cases with 2 models for intercultural communication.
Période9 oct. 2020
Type d'événementSéminaire
LieuNamur, BelgiqueAfficher sur la carte
Niveau de reconnaissanceInternational