Multilingualism and language rights: how to make sign language matter

De Meulder, M. (Orateur invité)

Activité: Types de discours ou de présentationDiscours invité


Sign language rights are paramount on deaf political agendas around the world and the subject of increased research attention. A major factor impacting on sign language rights is deaf people’s dual category status in public policy, seeing them not just as language groups but also as people with disabilities.

This means that claims and justifications for sign language rights are often based on mixed motivations, while the dual status also impacts on implementation of those rights. At the same time, sign language rights have to be understood within complex multilingual contexts which impact on language choices. The implications of these changing contexts for sign language rights are not clear. This presentation will critically evaluate some of the claims and ideologies that have been put forward to promote sign language rights so far, and discuss how they might need to be adapted to respond to new challenges.
Période14 juin 2019
Event titleHow Sign Language Matters: null
Type d'événementUne conférence
LieuOslo, Norvège