“Multilingual reflections”

Activité: Types Autre activitéEngagement académique/scientifique externe - Recherche et enseignement dans une organisation externe


Today, multilingualism is considered as part of society and of “strategic importance for people” both at an individual, social and economic level (www.unesco.org, http://ec.europa.eu/languages). However, dealing, implementing and valorising multilingualism (or not) depends on socio-political, economic and historical characteristics of a particular country or region. According to the context, languages are seen as rights, assets or problems (Baker 2006) with far-reaching consequences at different levels of societal organisation. In this course, we will focus on some aspects of multilingualism as mirrors of society, reflecting language policies, language positioning and relationships between language communities. We will reflect on the issues that multilingualism raise and reveal, as well as the ways to research multilingualism as reflections of socio-political contexts. http://www.lotschool.nl/files/schools/2012_Zomerschool_Utrecht/course%20descriptions/Mettewie.php
Période2 juil. 20126 juil. 2012
Titre de l'événement“Multilingual reflections”, One-week-course at the LOT Summerschool: LOT Summerschool
Type d'événementSéminaire
LieuUtrecht, Arménie