L.Masclet and Ph.Goujon: "Identification and governance of emerging ethical issues in information systems - the idegov projec" , Egais 3rd inter. workshop - Transformations of proceduralism: from contextual to comprehensive method

Goujon, P. (Conférencier)

Activité: Types de Participation ou d'organisation d'un événementParticipation à une conférence, un congrès


The IDEGOV (IDEntification and GOVernance of emerging ethical issues in information systems) project raises the question on how, in the construction of Information Systems (IS), it is possible to detect the ethical issues and what could "resolve" those is
Période13 janv. 2012
Type d'événementUne conférence
LieuFundp, computer science department, legit, Namur, Belgique