EUCO 2019

BEAUJEAN, P. (Orateur)

Activité: Types de Participation ou d'organisation d'un événementParticipation à une conférence, un congrès


The 12th edition of the EuChemS Computational and Theoretical Chemistry (CTC) Division Conference was organized in Perugia (September 1-5, 2019) by the group “Computing, Theory and Experiments of Dynamics and Kinetics Studies for Chemical Processes” of the Dipartimento di Chimica, Biologia e Biotecnologie (University of Perugia) and the Consortium for Computational Molecular and Materials Sciences (CMS)2 (
Période1 sept. 20195 sept. 2019
Type d'événementUne conférence
LieuPerugia, Italie
Niveau de reconnaissanceInternational