Constraint Programming: A Practical Introduction

  • Michaël Marcozzi (Participant)

Activité: Types de Participation ou d'organisation d'un événementParticipation à un atelier/workshop, un séminaire, un cours


CP is a very declarative technique for solving combinatorial optimization problems. This course is an introduction oriented for practitioners who want's to solve problems with CP. We will discuss how to build efficient CP models and what is happening behind the scene inside a CP solver. The more theoretical presentations will be interleaved with practical implementation exercises using the OscaR open source solver. OscaR is implemented in Scala (a modern Java) but no particular knowledge of Scala is required to follow this course and participate to exercises. Bring your laptop with you to take part to exercises. (2 days: 23 and 30 of May, 2013)
Période23 mai 201330 mai 2013
Type d'événementFormation
LieuLouvain-La-Neuve, Belgique