Video rate adaptation based on QoS and QoE information in wireless access networks

  • George Toma

Student thesis: Doc typesDoctor of Sciences


Streaming applications are becoming more and more popular in the mobile world, especially with the new developments in wireless data networks. Promises of maximum throughput speeds of a 100Mbps along with the appearance of multimedia tablets opened the path to a diverse range of streaming services. Signal degradation and user mobility make wireless networks a challenging environment for real-time applications like streaming, due to frequent bandwidth variations. Hence, to assure a continuous service and to maximise the user experience, it is necessary to automatically adapt the streaming rate of the session, based on the network state. This report presents a layered QoS and QoE based rate adaptation algorithm that tackles both delivery and playback problems. It uses measurements of the RTT variation, an original probing technique and playback quality reports to estimate user experience and react as fast and as accurate as possible. The adaptation strategy parameters have been tuned for optimal performance in different wireless environments, like WiFi, WiMAX and LTE.
Date of Award7 Jun 2012
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Namur
SupervisorLaurent Schumacher (Supervisor), Naji Habra (President), Jean-Noel COLIN (Jury), Christophe DEVLEESCHOUWER (Jury), R HAMZAOUI (Jury) & D DE VLEESHAWER (Jury)

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