Validation du protocole TCP Xeno

  • Iddi Kajeguhakwa

Student thesis: Master typesMaster in Computer science


The TCP (reliable transmission protocol and online mode) have undergone many changes through various versions to improve not only the transmission of data between two processes in communication, but also network management in general. If TCP has been and continues to experience different versions with different behaviors in specific situations, more and more network applications appear that require proper treatment in terms of network availability. Thus, these applications are not only satisfied with the Best-effort network service, but require a certain bandwidth guarantee that ensures their optimal performance. GTCP is one of the few TCP versions to be able to provide this service. Another protocol providing guaranteed service is called TCP Xeno and has been implemented from the association of GTCP and TCP Veno (for effective management in case of loss). Our goal is to validate the behavior of TCP Xeno, in certain situations as specified theoretically. For this, we first conducted an analysis of situations where TCP Xeno behaves differently from other TCP protocols. Modules and Linux kernel structures involved in this validation have been described.
Date of Award2009
Original languageFrench
Awarding Institution
  • University of Namur
SupervisorLAURENT SCHUMACHER (Supervisor)

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