Partage de ressources bioinformatiques hétérogènes: conception et implémentation d'une fédération de médiateurs

  • Quentin Dallons
  • Pierre Buyle

Student thesis: Master typesMaster in Computer science


The application area of bioinformatics is diverse and heterogeneous. For the common molecular biologist, bioinformatics is a routine tool that allows us to use basic tasks on personal biological data. The today situation of bioinformatics is merely a collection of individual sites providing a certain number of services and giving access to a certain number of data sources. In order to share resources and to avoid systematic duplications of data sources we have to find a way to make computers communicate in an efficient way. Lots of IT solutions have appeared recently that facilitate the deployment of collaborating computers systems (e.g.: OMG's CORBA , Microsoft .Net, Sun J2EE, Web Services, ...). Laurent Debaisieux and Fernando Desouza under the direction of Vincent Englebert and Marc Colet have drawn the first lines of an architecture and an implementation of a federation of interconnected hosts that allow 'Heterogeneous Bioinformatics Resources' sharing. The proposal of this master thesis is the refining of this architecture to make it more scalable and robust and providing a prototype to validate it.
Date of Award2003
Original languageFrench
SupervisorVincent Englebert (Supervisor)

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