Localisation du plan de Laplace : application à Mercure

  • Mathieu Bastin

Student thesis: Master typesMaster in Mathematics


The main aim of this dissertation is to locate the Laplace plane compared to the ecliptic plane of J2000, while the planetary interactions as well as the planetary flatness are taken into account. First of all, after a short recall of the two-body problem, the equations of Gauss and Lagrange have been used to solve this perturbed problem. Afterwards, the planetary interactions, and more particularly the secular perturbations, have been developed within the framework of a problem of two planets revolving round a central body. Consequently, the Laplace plane has been located by imposing certain conditions on the motion of the osculating ellipse which has been compared to this former. Finally, an animation in Matlab 7.0 has been carried out in order to visualize the motion of bodies in orbit that undergoes various perturbations.
Date of Award2006
Original languageFrench
SupervisorNicolas Rambaux (Co-Supervisor), Jacques HENRARD (Jury) & Anne LEMAITRE (Supervisor)

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