La “Spagna Magliabechiana” e la materia cavalleresca italiana. Edizione critica e studio del ms. BNCF, II, I, 57.

  • Amélie Hanus

    Student thesis: Doc typesDoctor of Languages, Letters and Translation


    The thesis consists of a critical edition of the so-called “Spagna Magliabechiana”, a Florentine poem of chivalry in ottava rima composed in the middle of the Quattrocento, which depicts the life of Orlando from his birth to his death. The work is contained in a single manuscript (BNCF, II, I, 57) of which we give a complete description. The introduction to the edition also contains a study of the language (toscano) and the metrics of the text, as well as an extended analysis of its sources.
    Date of Award28 Nov 2012
    Original languageItalian
    Awarding Institution
    • University of Namur
    SupervisorGiovanni Battista Palumbo (Supervisor), Xavier Hermand (President), Alberto Varvaro (Supervisor), Paola Moreno (Jury), Marcello Barbato (Jury), Andrea MAZZUCCHI (Jury) & Jean-Louis FOURNEL (Jury)

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