Interactive visualization of large data sets with the Java and the virtual reality modelling language technology

  • Abdesamad El Ansari
  • Alain Vanbrabant

Student thesis: Master typesMaster in Computer science


The purpose of the proposed thesis is validation of Wesson's arguments that Java technology is mature enough to provide the tools for data visualization as defined in the Introduction. The objective will be to show that applications can be rapidly mounted that will allow an end user to view the data in a number of different ways, interactively and in real time. For this thesis we will focus on the Interactive Visualization of large data sets and show, by means of a case study, how this can be implemented using chiefly the Java and VRML technologies. The main result will be the visualization of threedimensional charts in virtual worlds, and the architecture of the implementation will be object-oriented, in order to facilitate easier extension of the application. Finally, so as to allow a user to create dynamically such virtual charts, we have to provide him with a usable and useful User Interface. In the light of the above, a critical assessment will be made of the current (and possibly future) ability of Java to deliver such applications, and of the Virtual Reality to allow such an Interactive Information Visualization
Date of Award2001
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorFrancois Bodart (Supervisor)

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