Histoire dynamique du système Terre-Lune

  • Ariane Sauvenier

    Student thesis: Master typesMaster in Mathematics


    To try to understand the origin of the Moon, we study the differential equations describing the tidal evolution of the lunar orbital motion. First we position the Earth-Moon system and we look for a simple expression for the perturbing force that acts upon the Moon. Then we study the evolution of the semi-major axis, the eccentricity, the inclination and the longitude of the ascending node. These quantities depend on the Euler's angles, for which we give the evolutional equations (the Earth's rotationnal parameters). At the end, we study the evolution and stability of the equatorial linar motion to understand the evolution of the real lunar orbit.
    Date of Award2004
    Original languageFrench
    SupervisorJacques HENRARD (Jury), Andre FUZFA (Jury) & Anne LEMAITRE (Supervisor)

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