Etude de l'impact de l'information lors de la propagation d'une maladie dans une population

  • Justine Rochez

    Student thesis: Master typesMaster in Mathematics


    While the graph theory describes fundamental results on graphs, the network theory focuses on graphs of the real world, such as social networks. In this kind of network a lot of phenomena circulate, such as fashions, diseases, informations, etc. The purpose of this thesis is to study the diffusion of diseases into social networks when the information is also diffusing. We choose to work with the agent based model which consists in simulating the diffusion of diseases in a modelized network at microscopic level. These simulations will give us material in order to study the impact of the information in the presence of a epidemy.
    Date of Award24 Jun 2011
    Original languageFrench
    SupervisorTimoteo Carletti (Supervisor), Renaud Lambiotte (Jury), Jean-Charles DELVENNE (Jury) & Anne LEMAITRE (Jury)

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