Développement de glycoconjugués ciblant la virulence bactérienne

  • Maxime Durka

    Student thesis: Doc typesDoctor of Sciences


    The treatment of bacterial infection is becoming difficult due to the increasing resistance of most clinically relevant bacterial strains. New type of weapons to tackle this growing problem are, therefore, urgently needed. Drugs targeting virulence is an alternative approach to treat infections provoked by resistant bacteria. By weakening pathogenic bacteria, the “antivirulence strategy” intends to increase their sensitivity against the host innate immunity such as components of human complement but also to classical antibiotics. In this context, disrupting the Gram negative bacterial cell wall biosynthesis is particularly interesting to target, as well as the microbial adhesion process necessary for further colonization. We developed during this work, new glycoconjugates targeting the bacterial heptose biosynthetic pathway and new multivalent glycoconjugates targeting bacterial adhesion processes.
    Date of Award11 Jan 2011
    Original languageFrench
    Awarding Institution
    • University of Namur
    SupervisorStephane Vincent (Supervisor), Davide BONIFAZI (President), Johan Wouters (Jury), Anne IMBERTY (Jury), Jean François Nierengarten (Jury) & Olivier Riant (Jury)

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