Accès à distance
: fonctionnement, sécurité et implémentation

  • Nicolas Poncelet

    Student thesis: Master typesMaster in Computer science


    Whilst remote access solutions offer a whole new range of services to their users, they could also be at the origin of certain security weaknesses in the information systems of the latter. The end users of remote access technology being composed mostly of businesses, ranging from the plain non-profit organisation to the international banking company, it is quite clear that the security perspective of distant access is not negligeable.

    Hence, the goal of this document is to explore the little known world of distant access as well as the security implications that this type of mecanism presents. We will therefore shed light on the advantages and disadvantages that are withheld within the use of remote access solutions. In order to better understand the risks, in terms of IT security, which could potentially appear while deploying a remote access solution, we will also cover the different technologies upon which these solutions could be based. Certain regulations concerning remote access will be analyzed as well, and we'll finish with some recommendations for improvement.

    This thesis was especially based on the experience and knowledge acquired during the end of studies internship. This internship took place in Senegal within a development team put in place by AQUADEV, a belgian NGO, in a Micro Finance Institutions context. The goal of the internship was precisely to set up a remote access solution which would take into account the different security aspects that will be covered in this thesis.

    Date of Award2006
    Original languageFrench
    SupervisorLaurent Schumacher (Supervisor)

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