Équilibrage dynamique de charge pour des calculs parallèles sur cluster Linux
: une évaluation de l'environnement AMPI

  • Frédéric Teller

Student thesis: Master typesMaster in Computer science


Parallel computing or the cooperative utilisation of a set of processors for scientific application programming has become current nowadays. For irregular application a load balancing system is necessary in order to optimise performance. This master's thesis is focusing on this particular issue of dynamic load balancing. It presents a synthetic view of some parallel programming models and runtime supports. A specific system, AMPI (Adaptiv MPI), carries out intelligent adaptive optimisation for traditional parallel MPI programs. This system is specially studied. Results are given for a test application and an application experience involving molecular dynamics. These results show that AMPI can be useful for irregular or dynamic applications on an heterogeneous architecture, like a non dedicated cluster.
Date of Award2004
Original languageFrench
SupervisorVincent Englebert (Supervisor)

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