Récent développement de la spectroscopie vibrationnelle de perte d'énergie d'électrons lents à haute résolution: Analyse de matériaux isolants

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The use of an auxiliary électron gun allows us to apply High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (HREELS) to the study of non-conducting samples. Expérimental results are presented for crystalline surfaces : MgO (001), α-Al2O 3 (001), and LiF (001). The infrared optical constants of these materials are obtained by data processing with the dielectric theory describing the interaction of an electron with surface phonons (Fuchs-Kliewer type). These results are compared to data obtained by infrared spectroscopy and the specificity of HREELS is emphasized as far as surface properties are concerned. Two examples of non-crystalline materials are presented : the study of a semiconductor-oxide interface (SO2/Si) and of an organic polymer (polyethylene).
Original languageFrench
Pages (from-to)103-112
Number of pages10
JournalJournal de Physique. Colloque
Publication statusPublished - 1986

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