Philippe Dubois (Inventor), Philippe Coszach (Inventor), Gloria Vendrell (Inventor), Philippe Degee (Inventor), Michael Alexandre (Inventor), Ibrahim Barakat (Inventor), Marie Raquez Jean (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A polylactide-urethane copolymer obtainable by a process, which comprises the step of contacting: an alpha, omega dihydroxyl polylactide prepolymer of general formula I wherein: X is NH or O, R is an alkyl or an aryl group, n and n' are integer numbers which are substantially the same and which are comprised in the range from 20 to 140, a diisocyanate compound of general formula II O-C-N-R'-N-C-O wherein: R' is an alkyl or an aryl group and an amine or an alcohol of general formula III R''�[X']2 wherein: R'' is an alkyl or an aryl group and X' is NH2 or OH with the proviso that at least one of R or R'' is an aryl group

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS2010016538
IPCC08G 18/ 34 A I
Priority date27/09/07
Publication statusPublished - 21 Jan 2010
Externally publishedYes

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