IG I3 52 A et B : un ou deux décrets de Kallias pour éclairer les finances athéniennes au Ve siècle av. n. ère ?

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This study is devoted to the purported two Kallias decrees (IG I3 52 A and B). First are reviewed the different opinions expressed on the chronology of those two documents and the elements that unite them. It also examines the historical implications of the various solutions adopted on those questions, up to the fundamental questioning by L. Kallet-Marx of the communis opinio (that the two decrees were strictly contemporary) imposed by H.T. Wade-Gery in 1931. Based on this assessment, the second part of this study revisits the main issues related to IG I3 52 A: the exact date of this decree, the circumstances that brought it about, and the origin of the 3000 talents it mentions. Several solutions suggested here are likely to shed new light on the financial situation of Athens during the early years of the Peloponnesian War.
Original languageFrench
Pages (from-to)153-175
Number of pages23
JournalLes Études Classiques
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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