Evaluation of the Linear and Second-Order NLO Properties of Molecular Crystals within the Local Field Theory: Electron Correlation Effects, Choice of XC Functional, ZPVA Contributions, and Impact of the Geometry in the Case of 2-Methyl-4-nitroaniline: Electron correlation effects, choice of XC functional, ZPVA contributions, and impact of the geometry in the case of 2-methyl-4-nitroaniline

Tomasz Seidler, Katarzyna Stadnicka, Benoît Champagne

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    PAI n°P7/05 - FS2: Functional Supramolecular Systems (FS2)

    CHAMPAGNE, B., De Vos, D., Van der Auweraer, M., Jérôme, C., Lazzaroni, R., Marin, G., Jonas, A., Du Prez, F., Vanderzande, D., Van Tendeloo, G., Van Speybroeck, V., NENON, S. & STAELENS, N.


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