european project egais : Deliverable 3.3 Portability of Ethical Governance

Philippe Goujon, Stephen Rainey, Fernand Doridot, Atgen Kurt, Penny Duquenoy, Norberto Patrignany, Sylvain Lavelle

Research output: Other contribution


This deliverable D3.3 seeks to examine the portability of the tools and patterns previously elaborated in EGAIS (see D2.4, D3.1) to some other fields than AMI technologies. First, we introduce the methodological problems of portability in articulating within our approach the ethics and the governance of scientific and technical projects. We then scrutinize and provide justification for some projects and processes taking place in the fields of hazardous activities, of nuclear technologies and of nanotechnologies. We present the state of the ethical governance in the European Union in taking into account and interpreting the variety of existing settings in and out of the FP7 framework. We examine the issue of ethics and governance in the theory and practice of innovation and design in order to identify the limits of the Value-sensitive design approach. We examine the same issue as related to the time dimension and to the foresight in future ethics, especially for technologies having long term impacts. Finally, we draw conclusions about the portability of our methodology and indicate directions for further research
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - 2011


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